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Ayrshire Communications Voice Mail


Ayrshire Voice Mail
Always get your messages.

Whether you're a busy parent, a businessperson or you share an apartment with roommates, you'll always get your messages with Voice Mail. When you're away, on the line, using the Internet, sending a fax or just busy get Voice Mail and stay in touch without having to stay by the phone.

Features & Advantages

  • Voice Mail can answer the phone with your own personally-recorded greeting when your line is busy as well as when there is no answer.
  • Voice Mail can handle multiple calls at once, plus our Voice Mail keeps working during a power outage…your incoming and stored messages won’t be lost!
  • If you use our Call Waiting feature, Voice Mail is an excellent complement – it takes a message when you don’t want to take a Call Waiting call.
  • You can easily access your messages from a touch-tone phone, even when you’re away from home.
  • Use E-Forward and Internet Controls to retrieve your messages, save or delete them, and make changes to your service from a website.

Need help setting up your Voice Mail box?
Call 800.249.5251

If you are a new Ayrshire Voice Mail Subscriber, just follow these simple instructions to set up and access your mailbox.

Our Voice Mail service is easy to use. Click Here for Ayrshire Voice Mail User's Guide.

With Ayrshire Voice Mail you will receive a wide array of features, options, choices, and packages to fit your needs.
Click for Packages, Features, and Options.


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